Custom Made Podcasts for Building Your Community


Do you want to engage and connect with your congregation weekly, beyond Sunday Morning?

Do you want to reach your local community and the younger connected generations?

Let’s launch a great podcast for your church.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could launch a podcast that your community or congregation would actually listen to and engage?

Of course it would.

But launching (and sustaining) a weekly podcast is a ton of work. It’s complicated. It’s technical. It’s time consuming.

How will you make it engaging? How will you make it interesting? And how will you get it recorded, edited and produced at a professional level?

No extra work required.

What if all you need to do is show up for a call, answer some on-air interview questions, talk about what you are already passionate about, and let experienced podcasters take care of the rest?

That’s what Community Casts does.

We’ll be your producer, on-air host, editor, and publishing team. You just focus on developing and caring for the people in your community.

Who will be on the podcast?

We will be the host but your church and your community will be focus of the podcast! Anyone from the Lead Pastor, church staff, community leaders, missionaries, and your members can all be apart of different episodes.

What will be the topics?

Churches are already amazing at creating their own content! From sermons to Bible studies the topics are nearly endless. You can also highlight the amazing stories of transformation happening all the time in the lives of those who are in your community. Not only can podcast engage your community but they can be a destination for on-the-go mobile discipleship.

Do people listen to podcasts?

According to Edison Research, 26% of Americans have listened to a podcast in the last month. Not only that, the popularity of podcasts continues to rise. To say that podcasts are having a moment would be an understatement.


When someone listens to your podcast you’ve suddenly become the “invited guest” within their home or office. No different than sitting across from this listener and having a face to face meeting with their undivided attention. Yeah! That’s pretty powerful stuff.

— Chris Ducker